Student Leadership

QtPS Student Leadership Framework adopts a three-level hierarchy approach to develop and hone pupils’ leadership skills. Student Leaders in each level have a certain set of skills and competencies to accomplish before they are eligible for the next level of appointment. Leadership trainings are conducted by the teachers-in-charge and external vendors who are specialized in these areas. Student Leaders also attend Cluster School events to learn from and exchange ideas with their peers from other primary and secondary schools. School-wide programmes such as the Lifeskills programme, Service Learning programme and Social and Emotional Learning programme further enhance our pupils’ leadership competency.

We believe that each pupil can be a leader. Some examples of Student Leaders in Level 1 are the Reading Buddies, P1 Buddies and Class Committee members such as Group Leaders. In Level 2, Student Leaders comprise of Junior Prefects, CCA Leaders, Class Monitors and Department Leaders and Ambassadors. The Level 3 Student Leaders are at the pinnacle of the Student Leadership Hierarchy. They include of the second year Prefects, Senior Prefects and Prefect Leaders.