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Principal's Message

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My Reflections in 2020

We began 2020 with a focus on T.E.A.M – Together, Everyone Achieves More. 

Teamwork and collaboration form the fundamentals of Queenstown Primary School as we believe that when students and teachers share a common goal, harness our individual strengths and help each other, we are able to grow as a school. This has indeed been pivotal in mitigating the challenges of maintaining quality teaching and learning in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our teachers and students have been able to view the challenges as opportunities for growth by internalising the school’s core values of Respect, Resilience, Integrity and Gratitude. 

As 21st century educators, our teachers adopted a growth mindset as they deepened their professional expertise in educational technology to engage and enthuse our students through Home-based learning (HBL). This professional endeavour of learning, re-learning and unlearning will continue as blended learning grows to be a regular feature of our teaching and learning. I am also proud to acknowledge that our students displayed a high level of resilience in adapting quickly to the new learning environment with the continued support from our partners-in-education, their parents. By overcoming obstacles and challenges together, we are able to achieve more. 

The Covid-19 situation also provided us with an opportunity to personify values of respect and gratitude as a community. Students, staff and parents came together to design personalised thank-you notes and hand-made Grateful Giraffes stuffed toys that symbolises the big-hearted efforts of our healthcare workers.

Together We Move Forward 

As a school of the 21st Century, we are single-minded in our quest to provide a holistic education for our students. We believe that education is as much about building character as it is about equipping students with specific skills and knowledge to lead purposeful and meaningful lives. However, as we have witnessed in the current unprecedented times of Covid-19, new norms in life, work and citizenship are taking shape rapidly. As such we envision our students to be ‘Flourishing Individuals and Future-Ready Citizens’. 

Our students flourish by adopting a positive mindset and embark on an exciting journey of discovering and developing their unique strengths and talents. Our school is dedicated to nurturing each of our students into A Confident Individual, A Critical Thinker, A Caring Citizen and An Effective Leader. These are the 4 Queenstowner Outcomes (QTOs) that will enable our students to be Future-Ready and thrive in all aspects of life, work and active citizenry. 

Pursuing our Vision is the holistic Queenstown Experience. Besides knowledge acquisition, our curriculum focuses on developing key attributes and values that are aligned to the QTOs. Each Subject taps on its disciplinarity and adopts a structured approach to develop, apply and observe the attainment of the QTOs in our students. 

We constantly encourage our students to go beyond the classroom and apply their learning to real-world contexts. Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Environmental Project-based Learning and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Connecting heARTs with the arts motivates our students to understand the interconnectedness across subjects and see the relation between what they learn in school and the real world. 
Our CCAs are yet another important Queenstown Experience for students to flourish. We provide a wide variety of CCAs that gives our students the freedom to explore and discover their interests and abilities. Our CCA programmes are purposefully designed to promote the 4 QTOs. 

We look forward to working and learning together with you in creating a safe, caring and rich learning environment where every student is provided with all the opportunities to develop their talents and realise their full potential. 

Onward to Success!

Ms Pearly Ng Por Joo