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Principal's Message

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Welcome to Queenstown Primary School

Queenstown Primary School (QtPS) was established in 1956 and it has gone through a series of mergers due to the dwindling enrolment in Queenstown back then. Our current QtPS was formed in 2002 through a merger of three schools – Mei Chin Primary, Tanglin Primary and the former Queenstown Primary and it now sits on the current prime land of 310 Margaret Drive. The school is surrounded by new residential properties, embassies and other external facilities which provide a rich source of learning and teaching opportunities for our teachers and students.

In Queenstown Primary, we believe that every child matters and can accomplish. We envision to develop in all our students attributes of A Child, An Explorer and A Friend. With this in mind, we work towards every Queenstowner a confident and happy child with the motivation and passion towards learning. In a complex world in which we live in, we desire to see in our students their will to embrace challenges, keeping an open mind to accept challenges, just like an explorer. As a friend, we desire to see the care and concern exhibited by our students as they show their love towards his family, for the less privileged in the community, nation and the world in which they live in.

The future before us is one which is rapidly changing and complex, where technological advances are a daily occurrence, thus innovation remains critical. We provide various innovative platforms for our students to become confident persons, self-directed learners, concerned citizens and active contributors.

A Holistic Curriculum

Aligning to the vision of the school, we aim to provide a holistic education for our students through the provision of quality academic and co-curricular programmes. The lower primary years see our students engaged in meaningful learning through the integration of cognitive, communication and technological skills necessary for a globalised world. We foster a smooth transition as P1 students start their primary school years. Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is one platform where our P1 and P2 students engaged in activities to arouse their creativity, curiosity and develop confidence.

Through cooperative learning, our pupils learn to collaborate and hone their social skills so that they can connect with the community. The upper primary students on the other hand are engaged in an inquiry-based environment where social skills remain essential and the ability to communicate effectively is further emphasized.

In all our endeavours in school, we are guided by our school values – Questioning Mind, Quality Work, Perseverance, Positive Thinking, Sincerity and Self-discipline. These values are fundamental towards delivering the QtPS outcomes. Character development remains our focus as our students take on different tasks and learning experiences to strengthen their character and leadership skills.

Building the Capacity of Our Staff

Building the capacity of the teachers is key in the development of our students. Anchored in this belief, we continue to build the innovative capacity of our teachers through various collaborative platforms like teacher-led learning communities, professional development time, mentoring programmes. Teachers are encouraged to participate in action research, lesson studies and take a lead in professional sharing at local and overseas platforms. Our Senior Teacher Council comprises Lead Teacher and Senior Teachers in various fields of excellence take the lead in building and strengthening the capacity of the staff.

Building Bridges with Our Partners

We continue to build firm ties with our partners-in-education, our School Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Parents’ Support Group (PSG). The PSG is strong and their active involvement with school programmes have added value to our students’ learning experiences. Through our network with the community and our active involvement with various external organizations, the learning of our students is further strengthened. We will continue to look for partners-in-education so as to value-add to our school programmes.

We welcome you as you embark on this learning journey with us at Queenstown Primary School. Here’s wishing all an enriching year ahead!

Onward to Success!

Ms Pearly Ng Por Joo