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Principal's Message


Principal’s Foreward

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Queenstown Primary School.

As a school of the 21st Century, we are committed to providing a holistic education for all our students. We envision our students to be Flourishing Individuals, Future- Ready Citizens, In this current world, which is ever-changing, one has to be adaptable and innovative, equipping our students with skills and competencies of the 21st century is thus important. Our teachers and students have been able to view the challenges they face as opportunities for growth by internalising the school’s core values of Respect, Integrity, Resilience and Gratitude.

As 21st century educators, our teachers adopt a growth mindset as they deepen their professional expertise in educational technology to engage and enthuse our students through carefully crafting and curating enriching learning experiences to develop our students into a Confident individual, A Critical Thinker, a Caring Citizen and an Effective Leader. These are fondly known as our Queenstowner outcomes (QtOs)

Two of our signature programmes seek to develop our QtOs further. Through our Environment Project-Based Learning programme (E-PBL), our students gain first hand understanding of environmental issues and the need to build a sustainable future. We believe that is it never too young to learn to make a difference in the lives of others as environmental champions. Through project-based learning, students put their problem solving skills to the test as they solve real life environmental issues collaboratively. Through Connecting Hears with the Arts programme, our students learn to express themselves through visual arts and develop a voice and a sense of self-worth.

In Queenstown Primary School, we believe that equipping our students with skills for achievement for the future is just as important as skills of well-being. The school started its journey of Positive Education in 2018 with the focus of cultivating positive emotions and character traits. The introduction of Mindfulness equips our students with skills for intentional and purposeful learning while anchoring in our school values of Respect, Integrity, Resilience and Gratitude. We teach our students to adopt a Growth Mindset and practise mindfulness in their thoughts and actions. With a heart of gratitude and showing empathy for others will guide our Queenstowners in their journey of continuous learning. 

We look forward to collaborating with you in creating a safe, caring and rich learning environment where every student is provided with all the opportunities to develop their talents and realise their full potential.

Onward to Success!

Ms Pearly Ng