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Vision Mission Values

Our School Vision

Flourishing Individuals, Future-Ready Citizens. 

Our School Mission

School of the 21st Century, committed to providing a Holistic Education to all students. 

Our School Values

Respect, Integrity, Resilience, Gratitude.

Our School Motto

Our school motto is Onward to Success. We want to be on the path of moving onwards to success in whatever we endeavour and aspire for. 

Our School Crest
The school crest comprises three jewels on a crown. It symbolizes the fresh new dynamism of Queenstown Primary School. The three jewels represent the three primary schools, Mei Chin, Queenstown and Tanglin, which merged to form the crown, Queenstown Primary School.

The school colours are blue, green and red. Blue signifies peace and tranquillity in the school. Green signifies growing of young minds and developing their capabilities and competencies. Red signifies our passion for learning and the love we have for our nation.

The initials QtPS represent our three aspirations: Quest for knowledge, Progress and Strength of character.