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We believe that aesthetics play a fundamental role in stimulating cognitive development, encouraging innovative thinking and creativity, causing the ability to form meaningful relationships and peaceful, cohesive societies. By assisting and encouraging our students’ creativity, we set the stage for endless opportunities for their imagination, promoting their individuality, bolstering their self-confidence, and improving their overall academic performance.

Our 6-year Visual Arts Programme is designed to provide all students with an outlet of self-expression through experimentation with various materials and methods. It affords them a variety of experiences to enrich their knowledge of the arts, develop their art-making skills and explore personal areas of creative interest to achieve visual literacy. The programme puts emphasis on creativity and experimentation through age-appropriate projects, themes and skills. The elements of art are taught throughout all art lessons. Our students expand their knowledge of art ideas and techniques while exploring a variety of materials including sketching and doodling, painting, mixed media, collage, print making, sculpturing and ceramics.

Similarly in Music, our students undergo a general 6-year Music curriculum that contributes to the quality of their holistic education and plays a part in nurturing them to become audiences in the Arts. It educates them in the basic music elements and concepts and creating music using body percussion and percussion instruments such as castanet, boomwhackers and tambourine. From Primary 3, students will learn to play tuned instruments such as ukulele and recorder.

Singing is a key part of Music education and students here will learn to sing a variety of songs in unison and in 2-part canons. students will also learn about Music of various cultures in Singapore and appreciate Music as part of playing an integral part in our daily lives, for example, in television advertisements and in the movies.