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Satellite Partnership with Rainbow Centre

Rainbow Centre works with QtPS Primary 5 students on a VIA project which centres on promotion habits that promote conservation. Students from both schools work together to have conversation and thereafter, design and paint recycling bins with messages to promote conservation of the environment. Recycling bins that have been designed are then put in both schools as a sign of the partnership and also to raise awareness of recycling. Students from Rainbow Centre also drop by QtPS to use our canteens facilities to help them acquire life skills such as understanding how to order and purchase items such as food. This is an opportunity in a safe environment which they would otherwise not have. QtPS also invites Rainbow Centre students to the school to participate in some of our NE events such as National Day and International Friendship Day. In 2016, Rainbow Centre sent a team to do a handbell performance and also have a team of teachers and students join us in our National Day celebration. For the past 2 years, Rainbow Centre also sends their students to join us in our International Friendship Exhibition where students from both schools roam the exhibition freely to find out more about the cultures and traditions of the various nations which students from our school come from. Both sets of students thoroughly enjoyed the activities.

Purpose of activity

The Satellite Partnership between Queenstown Primary and Rainbow Centre exists to allow for more opportunities for students from both schools to collaborate on projects to engage one another.


Students enjoying themselves in the process.jpg
Students enjoying themselves in the process

The completed artwork.jpg
The completed artwork

The process of decorating.jpg
The process of decorating

The recycling bins at the beginning.jpg
The recycling bins at the beginning