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Linguistically competent and effectively adept EL learners & communicators.


To provide a vibrant and sound learning environment, conducive to the development of our students’ linguistic and communicative competence.

Key Strategies

Taking reference from our Queenstowner Outcomes (QtOs), we endeavour to develop our students into Critical Thinkers who are able to explore and evaluate real-world issues and multiple perspectives. This is done by exposing them to an array of literary and informational texts from print, non-print and digital sources.

We also endeavour to develop our students into Effective Leaders who are good communicators and team players. We do this through providing them with opportunities to practise active listening and to present their views confidently, clearly and respectfully.

Our EL curriculum adopts the STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading) approach. The key strategies of the STELLAR approach are presented in the table below:

Lower Primary

Shared Book Approach (SBA)
Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA)
Learning Centres (LC)

Upper Primary

Supported Reading (SR)
Know- Want to Know- Learn (KWL)
Writing Process Cycle (WPC)

These strategies reinforce authentic learning, phonological awareness, reading, language acquisition and language development.


Group writing.jpg
Group Writing

Collaborative Group Work.jpgCollaborative Group Work

Pizza Making.JPG
Pizza Making

Readers Theatre.jpgReader's Theatre

Besides the various Oracy activities that are carried out in the English classes, our P1 and P2 students learn to be confident speakers through the provision of enrichment programmes such as Show and Tell and Readers Theatre.

As we firmly believe in giving our students a strong foundation in English, we have various support programmes to ensure our students achieve basic literacy skills. The programmes are as presented in the table below:

Primary 1Learning Support Programme (LSP) 
AM Read Programme
Primary 2Learning Support Programme (LSP) 
AM Read Programme
Primary 3School Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR) 
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)
Primary 4School Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR) 
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) 

Oracy Lesson.jpg
Oracy Lesson