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We believe in harnessing technology to enhance teaching and learning. With the advent of digital means and learners' increasing need for engaging stimuli, it is vital that our students be equipped with the relevant and necessary skills that will take them through learning and life.

Our students undergo a sequentially structured 6-year ICT enrichment programme which provides a firm foundation and in-depth knowledge in computer skills and basic computer programmes like Microsoft Office. They are also trained in Digital Photography, Movie-maker and Flash Animation which allows them to express themselves creatively and nurture an appreciation of the Digital Arts.

Through the effective integration of ICT in various core subjects, our school ensures that our students have ample opportunities to further enhance their ability in the effective use of ICT tools in the classrooms as well as outside the classrooms.

We aim to
    • promote meaningful use of ICT in curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.
    • develop teachers' competency in designing and conducting ICT-enriched lessons grounded in sound pedagogy to achieve desired learning outcomes for their students.
    • build a vibrant sharing culture of innovative practices within the school.
    • establish a reliable and robust ICT infrastructure to support teaching and learning

Key Programmes

Level Programme Rationale
P1 – P6 eLearning
  • Provide a platform for interactive self-paced student-centered learning promoting self-directed and collaborative learning
  • Provide means of learning in events of school closure such as Meet-the-Parents session
  • Leverage on the platform for students to practise their ICT skills
P1 – P6 Baseline ICT Skills Equip our students with the essential ICT skills to help them; to be future-ready citizens
P1 – P6 Cyber Wellness Develop our students’ instinct to protect themselves and empower them to take responsibility for their own well-being in cyberspace