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The QtPS ICT Department is committed to the national and school vision of nurturing Future-ready Digital Citizens, and have invested in the tools, programmes and appropriate training to help our teachers achieve that aim. 

In 2020, we piloted the Introduction to Computational Thinking Programme where our Primary 1 and 2 students learn the basics of Computational Thinking through the Matatalab platform, a screen-free coding toy. Through this 4-hour program conducted during our schools' Experiential Week, our young Queenstowners practise their Critical Thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills all through play!

Computational Thinking 2.JPG
Computational Thinking 1.JPG
Students learn the basics of Computational Thinking through play.

We strive to imbue our students with the appropriate dispositions to harness ICT for life-long learning, rather than merely equipping them with technical skills. At the same time, advancement in technology has given our students more options and varied ways to express their ideas.

Our students therefore learn to use a variety of digital tools within the context of the national curriculum. For example, our Lower Primary students pick up the basics of Powerpoint and Keynote skills during Art lessons to create Digital Art. Upper Primary students are exposed to simple video editing using Apple Clips to create videos on the topic of Environmental Conservation.

We believe that learning need not be confined within the walls of the classroom and have invested in mobile devices and a robust wireless internet infrastructure to empower teachers to take learning anywhere.

iPad in Science.JPG
Students on a Science Trail, made possible with the use of the iPad


Students filming each other's performance and for peer-analysis and evaluation in a Physical Education lesson.

Key Programmes

Level Rationale
P1 – P2
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking
  • Introduction to Touch Typing and Windows environment
P3 - P6
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows and Powerpoint
  • New Media Literacies
  • Coding with Scratch