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Every Child, A Critical Thinker, A Problem Solver and a Math Enthusiast

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Our Belief

Math teachers at Queenstown Primary believe that every student matters and can achieve a level of mastery of Mathematics that will serve them well in their lives.

Key Strategies

The Mathematics Framework sets the direction for and provides guidance in the teaching, learning and assessment of Mathematics at Queenstown Primary.

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The development of Mathematical Problem-Solving ability is dependent on the five interrelated components, namely Concepts, Skills, Processes, Attitudes and Metacognition. These five components support the development of Critical Thinking, a key 21st Century Competency.

Teachers instil a joy of learning in Maths by orchestrating meaningful learning experiences in the classroom that allow students to discover mathematical ideas and co-construct mathematical knowledge with their peer. With sound mathematical knowledge, students are guided to adopt a systematic approach through Polya’s Problem Solving process to solve math problems. Teaching of Maths is made accessible for all students through the use of the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach that makes the understanding of key Math concepts accessible for all students.

Signature Programme


The annual STEM Week programme is organised with the aim of heightening our students' awareness in the integrated use of knowledge and skills in the four disciplines i.e. Science, Math, Engineering and Technology to solve problems in the real world. Students will be exposed to various fun-filled games and activities that promote scientific and mathematical thinking. P3 to P6 students will design and construct toys and models that is undergirded by scientific and mathematical knowledge.

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Students applying scientific and mathematical thinking in constructing a sail car.