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Mother Tongue


Nurturing Active Learners and Proficient Users of MTL

Key Strategies

QtPS Mother Tongue Language (MTL) department plays a significant role in developing every student to be an Effective Leader who is a good communicator and team player.

MTL curriculum adopts a 3 “C” approach in designing of department programmes: Communication, Culture and Connection.  Our mission is to nurture students to like, learn and use their MTL as a living language.  

The department constantly reviews our programmes to inject authentic learning experiences for the students.  The introduction of MTL Experiential Learning Experiences in 2018 and various MTL Enrichment Programmes are to promote the Joy of Learning in MTL.  ICT platforms such as SLS and various ICT tools ae used to ensure that the learning of MTL is interactive, connected and engaging. 

Signature Programmes

MTL Fortnight Activities

MTL Fortnight, an annual school-wide event, is organized for students to imbue the right culture and values through the learning of MTL.  Fun-filled and meaningful activities are planned.

Festive Celebrations

Students’ awareness of and appreciation for the respective culture are developed through celebrative activities for key ethnic festivals like Chinese New Year, Ponggal, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali.

Enrichment Courses & Experiential Learning Programmes

To enrich the MTL curriculum and to develop oracy skills in students, MTL department organises Programmes such as Speech and Drama (CL & ML), Villupaatu (TL) for students to learn the different drama techniques and story-telling strategies.  This would help them to express themselves confidently and fluently in their MTL.

The introduction of Experiential Learning Programmes is to create authentic learning experiences to instil the Joy of Learning in MTL.  Since the pilot project initiated in 2018, teachers have designed lessons in different school premises such as eco-garden, school canteen, encouraging students to grow green beans, designing cultural learning trail and filming of themselves helping parents to do housework. This new initiative is still at its developing stage and in time to come, has the potential to become a key and significant programme in the MTL department.