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Mother Tongue


Nurturing Active Learners and Proficient Users of MTL

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Key Strategies

QtPS Mother Tongue Language (MTL) curriculum seeks to develop effective communicators and to instil students’ passion in the learning of the respective languages and cultures. Lessons are designed to engage students purposefully, develop students’ competency in learning how to listen, speak, read and write in their MT language. Across the three MTL, teachers develop the S.E.T (See. Elaborate.Transfer) strategies during oracy lesson to develop students’ communication skills.

Signature Programmes

MTL Fortnight Activities

MTL Fortnight, an annual school-wide event is organized to create an immersive environment for the learning of MTL. There would be targeted activities for different groups and levels of students, as well as activities which involve mass participation.

Festive Celebrations

Students’ awareness of and appreciation for the respective culture are developed through celebrative activities for key ethnic festivals like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali.

MTL Enrichment Course

To enrich the MTL curriculum and to develop oracy skills in students, MTL department organises Enrichment courses such as Speech and Drama (CL &ML), Villupaatu (TL) for students to learn the different drama techniques and story telling strategies. This would help them to express themselves confidently and fluently in their MTL. At the end of the course, students will perform in a mini concert so as to provide every child an unforgettable theatrical experience.