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To nurture every individual into strong, healthy, and dynamic learners through creative, vigorous and challenging experiences

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Key Strategies

The QtPS PE department believes in nurturing every individual into strong, healthy, and dynamic learners through creative, vigorous and challenging experiences. Aligned to the PE Syllabus, we implement the curriculum with the focus on mastery of fundamental motor skills for lower primary students and extend that to more complex skills and concepts at the upper primary.

PE lessons at QtPS are students centered and allow students to learn new skills progressively through the activities planned.

Formative assessment for PE is done to provide students with feedback on their development of skills. For summative assessment, we make use of our school based PE assessment structure using the Queenstown Card (Qt Card) where the assessment of the students in PE comprises the social/affective, cognitive and physical domains. We seek to provide parents and students with feedback on not only their progression in physical skills but also in the way students worked with their peers and their knowledge on good health habits and games concepts.

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Signature Programme

To complement the PE curriculum, we engage our students through the organization of sports related events such as the biennial Swimming Carnival and Athletics Fiesta, as well as the annual Sports Carnival.

Swimming Carnival

Athletics Fiesta

Sports Carnival

P3 SwimSafer Programme

The P3 SwimSafer Programme aims to build important life skills in our students such as water safety and basic swimming skills.

It consists of a total of 12 lessons and assessment will be conducted at the end of the programme. Students will be grouped and attend lessons according to their current swimming competency level. To ensure the safety, each group will consist of no more than ten students, with one swimming instructor. At the end of the programme, students are awarded the swimming certificate according to the level of competency they have achieved.
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SwimSafer Programme

P4 Camp

The annual P4 camp is a 3 days 2 nights stay for all P4 students. We aim to bring students' out of their comfort zone via a series of activities which help them to learn to be independent, foster friendships and overcome challenges. The camp is a school programme through which we raise our students’ Social Emotional Competencies through activities such as high elements (Zip Line, Abseiling, Rock Climbing and Challenge Rope Course), low elements (Problem Solving and Team Building Games) and finally gathering for a campfire.

P4 Camp

Sports Education Programme-SEP

Sports Education Programme (SEP) is organized for P3 to P6 students to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation, and increase the opportunity to engage in sports. The programmes also fosters team spirit and character development, and aim to arouse interest and continual participation of sports in our students. 
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The Play@Recess allows students to engage in unstructured play with their friends during recess. Other than providing an opportunity to exercise and keep fit, students also get a chance to develop their social skills through the interactions with friends from different classes and levels. They also practise responsibility by looking after and returning the equipment that they loan out to play.
The games that are available include badminton, football, Captain's Ball, catching and other creative games that our students come up with. With so much fun and games available, no wonder our students look forward to recess!