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Physical Education (PE)

Key Strategies

The QtPS PE department strives to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others, the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living. Students are engaged through a variety of experiences in areas such as Athletics, Dance, Games & Sports, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education, Swimming and Physical Health & Fitness.

The curriculum is structured progressively with lower primary students focusing on developing their fundamental motor skills, while the upper primary students will learn more complex combination of motor skills and game-related concepts. The varied experiences in PE will develop students’ self-confidence and problem-solving skills. They also learn to become effective team players as they work collaboratively with one another.

Varied Experiences in PE Lessons

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ICT-infused PE Lessons

As a school of the 21st Century, our digital natives are provided with many opportunities to use ICT to review their performances, receive feedback and collaborate with their peers.

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P3 SwimSafer 2.0

The P3 SwimSafer 2.0 programme aims to build important life skills in our students such as water safety and basic swimming skills.

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In the annual cohort camp, students engage in authentic activities and step out of their comfort zones. Our Queenstowners become confident individuals as they learn to manage themselves independently, build meaningful friendships, and overcome challenges.

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Sports Education Programme (SEP)

Sports Education Programme (SEP) is organized for P3 to P6 students to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation, and increase the opportunity to engage in sports. 

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Students engage in unstructured play with their friends during recess. A variety of equipment is provided and students organise their own games.  This is a time when they can play with their friends from different classes too.

Athletics Fiesta

In the Athletics Fiesta, students become athletes for the day and engage in friendly competitions. Conducting the event at an external venue raises the excitement and quality of experience!

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PAM Carnival

A fun-filled day where students engage in a variety of activities. Sure to bring a smile to their faces! 

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