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A Community of Learners, Sharing the Joy of Inquiry Science.

Key Strategies

QtPS Science Teaching & Learning aims to nurture reflective learners by providing our students with engaging learning experiences that develop their process skills, habits of mind and attitudes for scientific inquiry. In the design of the learning experiences, students will be able to relate the role of Science in their daily life, society and the environment.

Our Science curriculum focuses on teaching and learning through inquiry via a variety of ICT tools, the use of toys as learning tools and experiential hands-on experiments. These opportunities are provided to stimulate curiosity in our students to become problem solvers that explore within and outside the confines of the classroom. They learn to collaborate in groups to formulate predictions, organise and interpret data, and communicate results while learning Science in a fun way.

photo1_reflective learners.jpeg
Becoming reflective learners.

photo 2_observation skills.jpeg
Using observational skills

photo 4_ bubbles.jpeg
Understanding the observation

photo 5_ electrical circuit.jpegTroubleshooting the electrical circuit

photo 6.jpeg
Investigating the potential energy

Outdoor Learning

The school conducts outdoor learning which brings the students out of the class and textbooks. Outdoors and the wider community provide rich and authentic learning environments that allow students to learn and see Science in action.
photo 3_ exploring matter.jpegLearning in our school garden

Ipads Out to Explore.jpg
Bringing iPADS out to explore. 

Budding scientists @ Science Centre.jpg
Our budding scientists @ Science Centre.