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CCA Teachers-in-charge

Mr Md Azuan (OIC)
Mr Md Noor 
Mr Lim Ching Feng
Ms Sim Li Min 
Ms Yeo Teck Wai

CCA Advisor

Mr Md A’srie B Che Ali

CCA Training

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

CCA Venue

School Field / Parade Square
ISH (Wet Weather)

About CCA

The QtPS Football CCA is set up to use football as a means to provide opportunity for students to hone their self-discipline, to understand and appreciate the value of teamwork, and to live out the value of perseverance as they strive to master the fundamentals of game.

The mission of the CCA is:

To nurture students-athletes with the Champion Mindset, of excellent character, and possessing sound footballing fundamentals

To help our footballers achieve this, we gear our training sessions towards achieving the following goals:

  1. Developing the HEART of a Champion by instilling pride in their work, and loyalty
  2. Developing the MIND of a Champion, that is characterised by self-discipline and steely determination
  3. Developing the BODY of a Champion, that is strong and skilful