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CCA Teachers-in-charge

Ms Pauline Lee (OIC)
Mr Khaliq Goh
Ms Wan Hameezah

CCA Advisor

Mr Md A’srie B Che Ali

CCA Training

Mondays & Thursdays, 3.00 pm - 5.00pm

CCA Venue

School Field / Parade Square
ISH (Wet Weather)

About CCA

The Softball CCA aims to develop the values of respect, fair play, teamwork and perseverance in its members through the variety of physical activities and competitive experiences.

Our members will learn the skills of throwing, catching and batting a ball, as well as the rules of the striking & fielding game.

The vigorous training sessions will develop their stamina, speed, hand-eye coordination, power and agility. They will also learn useful game tactics in order to make strategic decisions during the game. Players will then apply their knowledge and skills when they represent the school in the National Schools Softball Championship.

CCA Achievement

National Schools Softball Championship

Other Information

A number of our softball players have managed to enter their desired secondary schools through the Direct School Admission.

Girls are also welcomed to join.