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Boys' Brigade

CCA Teachers-in-charge

Mr Haw Shuen Siang (OIC)
Mr Charles Ng 
Mr Chok Kian Ket

CCA Advisor

Mr Md A'srie B Che Ali

CCA Day and Time

Fridays, 2.15 pm to 4.15 pm

CCA Venue

Classrooms & Parade Square (drills)

About CCA

BB Motto: Sure and Steadfast

To achieve the objectives of The Boys’ Brigade, the boys engage in meaningful programmes so that they can lead and serve. The boys are actively guided by teachers and volunteer adult leaders. Annually our boys take part in the BB national events such as the Adventure Quest (P6 boys only) and Character Quest.

We pay great emphasis to the character and physical well-being of our boys. Each boy develops the habit of discipline, self-respect, teamwork and service.

CCA Achievement

JM Fraser Award for Excellence - Bronze Honour Roll (2016, 2017)



BBBoys at CQ 2017.jpg
   BB Boys at CQ 2017

We are the 67J Singapore Boys’ Brigade Company!

Learning to pitch a tent.

Fun in the kitchen!