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Administration Forms

QtPS Pupils Admission Application Form_v1.pdf 
School Smart Card Application Form.pdf (applicable for 1st time application only)
Address Updates.pdf 
Leave Of Absence Application Form
QtPS Name Tag Order Form
Name Tag Process Schedule


Open for Order

Closing Order


January – February

Term 1 Week 2


Term 1 Week 8


The student will receive their name tag approximately 3-4 weeks from the closing date.

March – April

Term 1 Week 9


Term 2 Week 6


May – June

Term 2 Week 7


Term 3 Week 1


July – September

Term 3 – Week 2


Term 4 – Week 3 



No Name Tag Order

End of Year

Start of November Holiday

Term 1 Week 1 (Friday)

The student will receive their name tag order the following year.