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Health and Safety Matters

School Safety Policy

We are committed to ensuring a healthy, safe and secure environment for our staff and pupils. As such, we aim to:
  • establish and maintain a safe environment for our pupils and staff.
  • provide information and instructions to pupils and staff to enable them to be alert and avoid hazards, and be responsible for their own personal safety.
  • avail safety training to staff and pupils with focused and clear expectations laid out.
  • put in place procedures to be adhered to in the event of incidents and for evacuating the school premises in the event of an emergency.

Visit to School

a. Visit to Classroom/School Compound
To help maintain a safe and conducive environment, we seek parents' understanding and co-operation. Parents are to obtain permission from the office before going to any part of the school compound. For identification purposes, the school will require your identity card/driving licence to exchange for a Visitor’s Pass at the Guard Post.

All parents must also obtain permission from the office personnel or staff if you wish to take your child out of the school during school hours. You are required to sign the Record Book in the General Office.

b. Canteen/Recess
Parents will not be allowed into the school during recess. There will be teachers on duty to help your child. Parents of Primary 1 pupils will be allowed in the canteen for the first week only.

c. The School Carpark
We appeal to parents who drive, not to drive into the school compound on fine days during peak hours.  Parents who drive are to park at the HDB car park adjacent to the school and not to obstruct the other vehicles when you send your child to school. On wet days, parents who drive into the school compound to drop off your child should drive slowly. Due to limited parking space in the school, the car park is reserved for school staff. Visitors can park at the HDB car park.

General Health 

a. Immunisation & Health Booklet
Pupils must be immunised against measles, diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis before joining the school. Health booklets will be collected prior to the visit by the School Health Team every year. They will be returned to the pupils after their medical check-up by the School Health Service.

b. Physical Health
As part of our good routine to ensure the well-being of our pupils, we advise that parents check your child’s health before sending him/her to school. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is unwell. Instead, take your child to the doctor and then let him/her stay home to rest and refrain from coming back to school until he/she is fully recovered. We are particularly concerned with infectious illness/symptoms such as Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD), red eye (conjunctivitis), gastric flu, fever, cough, diarrhoea and vomiting.  

c. Dental Health
Free basic treatment will be provided by the dental officers at the school Dental Clinic during office hours on most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Safety and Security

a.  Excursions/Outings
Pupils must get parental consent before they can participate in any out-of-school activity during or after school hours. Any fee paid for these activities cannot be refunded if the pupil is absent on the day of the event. Pupils should not leave school during school hours for any reason unless accompanied by their teachers.

b.  Personal Items
Pupils are strongly discouraged from bringing to school too much pocket money, expensive personal belongings such as electronic games, iPod, handphones, etc to prevent loss of or damage to items. The school will not be held accountable for the loss of these items.

We also discourage parents from delivering their child’s personal items such as pocket money, books, stationery, water bottle and food through the General Office and Guard Post. Pupils should learn to be responsible for their own items. If they should forget, then they must learn to face the consequences. This will train them to be responsible citizens of the future.

c.  Label on All Belongings
Every pupil must have his/her name and class written or pasted on all his/her belongings such as water bottles, files, books so that the rightful owner of the misplaced items can be easily traced.

d.  Lockers
Every pupil is allocated a locker to keep his/her personal belongings as this will help to lighten the school bag and also to ensure better safety of his/her belongings. He/She is required to provide a small padlock to secure the locker and have a duplicate key at home.

e.  Heavy School Bag
Each pupil is given the class time-table. He/She is advised to bring only the necessary books for the day. Books which are not required for the day should not be brought to school in order to reduce the weight of the bag.

f.  Emergencies
Should there be an emergency, pupils will remain with their teachers in the school premises until the pupil’s parent arrives to take charge of him/her.

g.  Lightning Risk Alert Warning
All outdoor activities must stop immediately when the amber alert blinking light is on. Both staff and pupils are to proceed indoors immediately.

Updating of Pupil/Parent/Guardian Particulars

As a school, we must ensure that the addresses, contact numbers and commuter status of all our pupils are up-to-date so that they can be easily contacted in times of emergency. If there are changes to the particulars of your child or yourself, please contact us at 64741044.