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Senior Teacher Council

Department Photo

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Name of staff involved:
Back Row (From the left to right):
Mdm Josephine Leong, Mdm Najumunisha, Mrs Ong-Lim Lay See, Mr Kwek Hong Wee
Front view (From left to right):
Mr Tan Kian Tat, Mdm Poon Pei Ping, Mdm Aliah, Mrs Chen Soon Shan, Mdm Joyce Kang, Mdm Kow Hui Meng

Composition of the Senior Teacher Council

Mrs Ong-Lim Lay See (SSD)
Chairperson Mr Tan Kian Tat (LT Math)
Council Members
Mdm Aliah (ST, Visual Arts)
Mr Amos Leong (Co-ordinator, Performing Arts)
Mrs Chen Soon Shan (ST, SC)
Mdm Josephine Leong (ST, LP)
Mdm Joyce Kang, ST EL (LP)
Dr Kow Hui Meng, ST EL (UP)
Mr Kwek Hong Wee (ST, CL)
Mdm Najumunisha (ST, TL)

Purpose of Senior Teacher Council

Providing leadership in pedagogical content knowledge and assessment as well as mentoring to enhance the capacity of teachers in the school for improved student outcomes.

Roles and responsibilities of Senior Teacher Council

  1. Mentoring and coaching of NIE Cadet Teachers and Beginning Teachers.
  2. Induction and pairing of buddies, develop plan for mentoring & coaching of Beginning Teachers.
  3. Mentoring/ Coaching/ Developing teachers in Pedagogy & Assessment
    • lesson observation, lesson planning
    • develop lesson observation checklist
    • take the lead in peer observation
  4. Helm Professional Learning Teams or Collaborative Learning Teams by taking the lead in Action Research/Lesson Study/ Learning Circles.
  5. Conduct or co-conduct school-wide pedagogical and assessment workshops/sharing.