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Parent Support Group

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As valued partners in education, the school’s parent support group, QtPSG, is dedicated to supporting and collaborating with the school to enhance the learning experiences of its pupils. It supports the school in a variety of ways such as assisting in curriculum-based programmes, organising teacher appreciation activities, chaperoning pupils on field trips and facilitating communication between the school and parents. Through its committed engagement in the various activities of the school, QtPSG has helped to build a closer network of links between the school, its families, and the community. The school also hopes that this spirit of servitude from the energetic and committed parent-volunteers can be witnessed and felt by its pupils and inspire them to be men and women of character with a passion for learning and serving.

For parents, QtPSG is also a valuable resource to enhance parent-child bond. It is a terrific platform for parents to network, understand educational and learning issues, get to know their children’s classmates and teachers and connect with other parents for practical and emotional support.

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