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Chinese Dance

CCA teachers-in-charge

Mdm Li Lingbo (OIC)
Mdm Chia Ai Tian (2IC)
Ms Labelle Lee 

CCA Advisor

Mdm Jeanna Goh

CCA Day and Time

Fridays, 2.15 pm - 4.15 pm

CCA Venue

Music Room 1

About CCA

The QtPS Chinese Dance CCA seeks to enrich its members with basic skills in both Chinese classical and ethnic folk dance movements incorporating elements of Chinese martial arts and gymnastics. Through a combination of rigorous exercises such as floor, bar, centre, jumping and turning that focuses on developing each member’s body flexibility and poise, our members learn the importance of self discipline, commitment and teamwork. In addition, performance platforms in and out of school also help them gain valuable exposure which build up their confidence and self-esteem while heightening their sense of aesthetics in efficient movement execution and expressive performance.

CCA Achievement

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Presentation 2016— Certificate of Distinction.
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Presentation 2018— Certificate of Accomplishment


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